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I know I’m not the only one who has pretty great habits in place?! You know you are eating better, getting in a little cardio and you are getting adequate rest most nights. Suddenly, you look up the year’s almost gone and you are thrust into the holiday madness. Let’s pause here…and define habit. Habit-is a regular practice, routine.

During the holidays so much of the hard work and gains that we have put in, tend to go out the window when it comes to food and mood. The average American gains 7-10lbs during the six-weeks holiday window. We get less sleep, there’s the tendency to have more stress and depression peaks! No wonder family gatherings can be tense at times.

Over the last ten years I have come to enjoy healthier habits when it comes to my plate and in the last three years, I have coached wellness via healthy happy hours in the privacy of my clients’ home and virtually on Facebook. These experiences and research has given me some helpful tips to share with you so that you can still indulge and be merry over the holidays, but with intention. As stated earlier I am a wellness coach so the products that I mention I use personally and I highly recommend. Not every recommendation requires a product however, I want to give options because every individual is different with unique needs and goals.

TIP 1 “One a Day”
Have a protein shake as a meal replacement at least once a day. This shake has 20g of vegan protein, an astounding 160 calories and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Just one shake helps replace high carbs and crowd out the not so good. They come in two delicious flavors: Chocolate(2069) and Vanilla(2070).

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