Welcome to the virtual boardroom! Take a seat and let’s create a proposal that will work well for all parties involved. Time is so valuable and that is the one thing I want to have right! In saying that providing a service comes at a price that I am willing to negotiate with potential clients openly, honestly and fairly about.

Locally, I have price points already in place and we can discuss in the initial consultation for wellness coaching, one-on-one mentoring, modeling, hosting, speaking engagements, commercials and voice-over work. However, out of town work is still an area that I am excited to do more of.  I have a base fee for travel over 200 miles that begins at $2500 plus flights, lodging, and meals to book me. We will then discuss the specs of the events, the service I will provide and length of time away.

Timing and scheduling are everything when it comes to working together so I have conveniently made my availability to do conference calls/videos to discuss proposals and specs here under the “Calendar” TAB so head over there!