This blog is about the adventures of co-parenting, navigating the ups and downs of life and empowering women to know that no matter what we can and will be better for it! As a millennial, I know how difficult yet exciting it can be to want success in today’s world. Technology is all around us which means opportunity and the constant need to be plugged in is prevalent. How do we ever find time to enjoy our lives? I hope to give some insight here!

When I left home many years ago I. DID. NOT. HAVE. A. PLAN. To be frank my parents had no damn clue how to prepare me for the real world and the education system wasn’t much better. I was attending college with very little idea about how I was going to pay for it and I was working full-time. I was homesick, stuck in a job I did not love and adding unnecessary debt to my name. The stress of it all landed me on an operating table to have my gallbladder removed.

I had officially become a college dropout and a failure. So when motherhood found me I promised that I would use my life lessons to parent better, share with others more and just be better! My son truly saved my life because I was forced to focus and be on purpose. Those life skills were not instilled in me as a child so to be pushed to the edge in this capacity guided me. Thinking for myself was never the problem I just needed discipline, structure, a reason to stop just existing.

Naturally, I like to nature and teach!  Much of what I do here is informative, but know I am a woman who likes to keep it lighthearted!  The infinite possibilities in the virtual world have been what I needed to express and create freely (outside of my corporate career) and this is how Baby Be Better, LLC was born. I dream of this being a space for others to find helpful resources|tools, learn, teach, engage in meaningful dialogue, connect and partner!

When I left home I thought that I would be one step closer to be getting a college degree, but my dream was modeling because it seemed like the best of both worlds: Playing dress up and an income doing exactly what I loved! There was a ton I did not know about the industry and it left me discouraged.

I took modeling and acting classes and did a few fashion shows here and there, but it wasn’t until 2012 that things really took off for me. I would be honored if you would check out some of my work. Click here to see a style file segment that I do for my local Fox 16! Also, you can head over to check out one of my favorite “shorts” that I was a part of for a local company, here. Getting an opportunity to work with brands and beautiful people is such a delight! By now I would hope that you are convinced that we should work together and you can access my schedule for a conference under the “Bookings|Sponsorship” TAB!

More than anything I want to build something that is beyond my wildest dreams! I want to leave a legacy and impact the zeitgeist with hope, wisdom, know-how, authenticity, and love. I personally extend the invitation to you to journey with me and Baby Be Better!