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It’s apparent that 2017 is on a roll and here we are smack in the middle of February. For many that involve the task of figuring out what to do for Valentine’s Day and how to top the one before! This is especially true for men because well…traditionally this day is set aside for the special women in their lives. I can honestly say that after consistently dating my beau, I don’t give him fits about topping the Valentines Day before.

One of my favorite things about him is that he is the best at planning fun to-dos at a moments notice. Although, we have had failed attempts because I do not have as much flexibility as he does more often than not he hits a home run when it comes to showing me a great time! I am more of the budget-wise, “We need to save so don’t get me anything” counterpart and he is more of the, “You’re not getting me with that and it comes back to bite me!” counterpart. I just feel that we do so much for each other all year long that Valentine’s Day is not a priority. I consider him pretty lucky!

Since, Valentine’s Day falls during the week this year we were definitely trying to figure out if we would celebrate the weekend before, the day of or the weekend after. We decided that based on our local eateries promos we would settle for the weekend before. Confession: “I date a foodie!” That means that most of what we do is centered around fun food! I have lived in the city for 16 years vs. his 4 years and I have eaten out more and discovered more restaurants during his short time here than I ever would have dreamed of in my 12 years prior.

One of the best ways to achieve a simplistic, sweet Valentine’s day, in my opinion, is to go with what you know works.  We both love brunch at this amazing eatery called, @TheCorner here in Downtown Little Rock! They are a wonderful family owned business and they have treated us like family since we began dining with them shortly after they opened in 2015. They also do an excellent job at running their specials and promotions on social media! That’s how we found out about their amazing “WeJustFit” Valentine’s Day Brunch this past Saturday! I highly recommend you get there early because they get really busy.

This is what we enjoyed for brunch that day! I mean can you believe it! Everything was delicious and we didn’t leave anything on our plates!

After brunch, we ran a few errands and then I had to sneak off so that I could go and pick up a Valentine Treat for him. I choose to go with something new this year in addition to the other little goodies that I gifted. Cocoa Bella Chocolates was my go to because it was food centered and it would be his 1st time to indulge.

When I arrived, I was excited to see that one of the interns, Summer was in making goodies and I was able to take a little sneak peek at how the chocolate factory works their magic.



Another way to achieve a simplistic, sweet Valentine’s Day is to seek out specials on Groupon or Facebook Business Pages to see what budget-friendly activities there are. Paint Nite Little Rock is one of our favorite companies to use when we want to have a date day|night! They have a year-round coupon code that can be used to enjoy a relaxing evening with libations and hors d’oeuvres if you choose. So a few weeks ago he secured our tickets for a  4:30 paint session which was perfect because we were able to enjoy a light snack and a glass of wine right before dinner!

Photo Credit: Paint Nite Little Rock Facebook

Photo Credit: Paint Nite Little Rock on Facebook


This was our finished products. We got to let our creativity flow, relax and enjoy each other!


From there we began to stroll hand in hand towards the downtown dining scene. I was not sure what he had planned and I have finally learned to stop asking as many questions because he dislikes when I ruin my own surprises. To my delight, we ended up at Cache Restaurant! We dined here once before since its inception in 2014 for a nice day date and knew that we would be back again. Keep in mind my sweetheart pretty much loathes Valentine’s Day and really does not like to make reservations and or deal with large crowds. However, the universe was definitely on our side…as soon as we walked in we were greeted with smiles. The first thing they wanted to know is if we had reservations. I would not recommend not having reservations, but he boldly stated that we did not and the hostess replied, “It’s your lucky day, we just had a cancellation.” I wanted to become the twerking emoji, but I decided to keep it classy and just grinned from ear to ear as we were seated at a booth! Does anyone know why women prefer booths beside me? I get asked that often.

Here is a glimpse of our amazing dinner in pictures! Enjoy!

Cache is an ultra chic, contemporary dining spot with eclectic, upscale dishes.

Needless to say, we were both satisfied with our dinner! We didn’t feel overwhelmed due to a crowded space so I would definitely recommend enjoying Valentine’s Day the weekend before in this case! As mentioned before I date a “Foodie” so if you would like to see more of his food through pictures you can follow him on Instagram: @philgoud. Fair warning, be prepared to have your mouth watering and finding yourself hunting down these eateries. We finished our evening with a late night viewing of Fifty Shades Darker! You have to know he did this only for me because he was not interested at all in seeing this film!!! Lots of hearts to him for enduring all the women hooping and hollering during the film…LOL.

To all of you, I would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope that you were able to take some tips with you from this piece. Whatever you do have fun, focus on what you both collectively enjoy and know that sometimes less is more especially when you truly have a genuine love for each other.

Lets chat…What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear all about what you have done or plan to do this year!

♥ ~BabyBeBetter

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