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I know I’m not the only one. The one who ruins lunch with the Snickers Bar that was calling their name or can’t resist the A.M donuts that were brought to the office for everyone?  However, you know there is a challenge that I highly recommend that has proven to be killer at breaking poor eating habits. Let’s delve into my “30 Days to Clean Eating Challenge” and laugh about how it began.  Don’t get me wrong it was great getting to reset the inward woman, but rest assured there were bumps along the way.

First, let’s start with my call to action! I posted a video on YouTube, March the 31st, entitled “The S.A.D Truth”.  If you get a chance you should check it out by clicking the title link here.  In the video, I touched on some issues concerning the foods that we are eating on a daily basis and how they may be affecting us.  Near the end, I mentioned that I would be starting an elite, clean eating lifestyle change and I would share some of that process with you all.

Next, I hopped online to order my “30 Days to Healthy Living Kit”, set a game plan for the challenge and began to put it in action.  The weekend of April 3rd, I was slammed with so many things to do.  Not only was my best friend arriving to help me prepare for The Designers Choice Fashion Preview’s 8th Annual Fashion Show with celebrity hostess, Vivica Fox it was Easter Weekend and you know how traditional Easter’s are in the South!? There are big family meals, egg hunts, and enough sugar to make your teeth cringe.

So I was trying to clean out my kitchen/pantry and rid it of all things toxic, shop for clean foods, all while being bombarded with, “What are you doing for Easter? Did you get your son an Easter basket?” Well, the answer to that was a simple yet hesitant, “No.” I mean I am the first to admit I am a bit outside of the box when it comes to how things are traditionally done.  I think I am that way because it usually amounts to excessive spending, sugary treats (all of which is to be eliminated during the challenge) and exhaustion…totally my opinion.

I refused the goodies in the most respectful way, but in doing so I was still not respected for what my desires were. So here’s a little proof of the excessive candy that was given against my wishes…

Yes, this did happen! Outside, of gummy, fruit snacks, my son does not eat candy, but for some reason…I will go with tradition, he was given an Easter basket and tons of candy.  There is no problem with the gift and the thoughtfulness, but money was wasted on things that are awful for our health (didn’t I just have a family and friends conference call about making better food choices), items he’s never going to eat (my family knows this) and then the feeling that maybe I am not respected for the independent choices that I make for my household.   So what I had to do was resist and clear out.  So the following Monday we began our Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Soy and No Sugar adventure.  There was only one concern my Pantry still looked like…ummm…I’m not sure…a dumpster!!! Ha!

Until…I got in the trenches and went to war for my health. Then I transformed the pantry to this:

I will be honest I was not prepared to deal with the purging that needed to take place in my pantry, but I knew it had to be done.  My son was so concerned about the money that had been spent on that not so good food.  We were both attached.  Which in turn led to more of what we had been discussing weeks before about the positive steps we have taken over the past eight years to serve our bodies with good things.  Clearly, we had gotten off track due to skyrocketing grocery prices, but that didn’t mean we could not refocus.  I mean have you priced cancer lately?!  You either pay the farmer or the doctor.  I’m choosing the farmer!

Finally, after a week into my clean eating challenge, my pantry has order!!! Doesn’t my fit kit look sooo nice?! I feel like my action plan is coming together.  The Clean Eating Group gives us all the tools we need to be successful including a ton of recipes the puts my kitchen to good use and keeps me out of the drive-through.  I have lost a couple of inches in the waist, my head doesn’t feel all foggy from the sugar highs and lows and my energy level is on another level! I am so glad I opened my heart to this challenge!

I’m passing the torch to you all now! Did you watch my YouTube video? Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle program or have you recently began one? I would love to hear what you ladies and gents are up to when it comes to food, clean eating or dealing with thinking about becoming a clean eater! Let’s support and discuss with one another!

♥ ~BabyBeBetter


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