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Today I am thankful that I can blog for you beautiful people two years later after finding a lump (you can read about it here) on my breast! So often that is not the case and I want to continue to bring awareness and transparency to a disease that affects so many at an alarming rate and younger in age. I was under thirty-five when I discovered a lump which turned out to be a cyst in the Summer of 2015.

When I was sent home from the first mammogram I was instructed to do a few things by the doctor that they strongly recommended. 1. Purchase “Evening Primrose Oil” capsules and ingest one each day. I went to my local Whole Foods and found the Primrose. They were in a plastic capsule and I am not a fan of capsules so I bit the tips and squeezed the oil in my mouth so that it would get in my system immediately! 2. I had to purchase “Vitamin E Oil” by Jason’s to apply to the area where the cyst is located. I also, made it my business to start of my AM workout routine as well as removed all refined sugars. I already “Clean Eat”, but I would have occasional sweets.

Additionally, my follow-up appointment was set for 6 months later, but my mom had an emergency surgery in February of 2016 and I had to rush to her side. The stress of it all put me behind and I missed my appointment. Fortunately, the cyst was non-detectable when I would do my exams so I felt great about that, but I would not recommend missing your appointment if you can help it. 3 months later my son and I were in a car accident that had me super depressed and I ignored all reminders to come to my follow up appointment.

Eventually, I made it to the follow-up that August and had my second diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound! I was so anxious yet at peace. The report came back clear and the cyst was completely gone! It is said that lumps found in young women more often than not are benign so please keep that in mind if you are ever in this type of situation, but never ignore the signs and see your health care profession as soon as you notice anything unusual such as an inverted nipple, changes in size|shape of breast, drainage from the nipple without being squeezed, enlarged areola, lump(s) in breast or tenderness in breast, armpit are collar bone not associated with your period. You can find a complete diagram with nice pictures of what to look for here!

The nurses also mentioned that I would have to come in every year going forward since I was under 35, but (I’m still trying to get clarity) since there were some changes in the health care bill and my mammogram came back clear I will now return in 4 years. So I know every situation is different, but make sure you know your rights and what your health care covers. Now that I am over 35 it still applies. So I am forever grateful that it is one less problem to deal with and I can focus on other things in my life.

For those of you that have made it this far…thank you so much for being on this journey with me! As always I hope that I said something that spoke to you, inspired you and|or educated you. If you have every found a lump or cyst I would love to hear about how you handled the situation and what gems you have that you would like to share. Please take a moment and leave a comment you may bring hope to someone in the process. I look forward to hearing from you!

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